I have been wildly busy as of late. While this IS an excuse, I’ve been so wildly happy that I feel it is a fitting excuse.

In the past month I have sold most of my belongings, rented a storage unit for the left overs, quit my job (without one lined up), met a man who I fell unashamedly in love with, left him behind in Virginia, booked a one way flight to Florida, and decided I want to move to Navarre.

Holy shit.

My original plan was to move to Ft. Lauderdale and look for a job on a yacht. This is still the loose plan and I will be leaving Navarre on Thursday for Ft Lauderdale. However, having been to this gorgeously small town to visit my sister’s family, I have decided that Pensacola/Navarre is where I want to exist for a while.

In lieu of all this, I think, for once, I’m okay NOT travelling all over kingdom come and just having salty tangles all the time. I’m lucky enough to have found a man who is willing to travel with me. That coming to Florida is perfectly okay with him.

My plans keep morphing and ebbing but they keep coming  back to these shores. That maybe I don’t have to keep wandering so It doesn’t catch up to me. That maybe, possibly, I have found a home in a place, a person, and my mind.


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