The One Way Ticket

The deadline comes closer to leaving. I’ve never bought a one way ticket before. Nor have I quit my job without another one lined up. I can’t explain the knots in my stomach or the utter fear of leaving everything and everyone I know on a hope. I tend to do that, though: recklessly hope.
I’ve hit that wall in my life where I’m working at a job I hate to pay bills for things I don’t care about. Rent on a house I don’t want to be in forever, a car I don’t like, groceries, electric, gas, all to support where in am in life…which isn’t really anywhere. John Mayer sang about his quarter life crisis and at the time I thought it was just another great line. But now that I’m here, the great line turned into a great line that reflects my reality. So I am chasing a permanent vacation as my life.
I’m shot gun riding with my best friend singing along with old school Taylor Swift trying to ignore the idea of him moving away weeks before me. Enjoying the last scraps of the summers I’ve always known and won’t have again.
Growing up and being brave seem to be synonymous as of late and I don’t really know how to handle it.
Except to put on a fake country accent and yell “Our Song” out my open window.


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