Home to home

These rushing road ways pave the way through sand dunes and stretches of steely sea. Waves of tall grass and a sky expanding from gray to blue. Seagulls screaming that we’re leaving them too soon.
Remember to forget the feeling of leaving a place that makes you feel more you.
Expanses of ocean, icy plates moving in unison, churn like they don’t know you. They move with the patient, ancient strength of wisened heroes. They move and it reminds you to feel like a more connected version of you.
The sky is bigger here, it makes you feel small and free and loose. Like a t-shirt hanging on a line.
Straight shots back to the other side…where sand fades into dirt and the sight of the changes almost hurts. Sandy road takes me back home, green smothering mountains hug me tight, blot out more of the sky. Smells of salt left behind. Freedom drifting in and out of tides, begging for bigger moons.
The mountains have greeted me home, sunkissed skin and sandy toes.


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