Get to the sea.

It is a two lane road, yellow lines side by side, that car you’re hoping for never comes by.

The lines, the trees, the black top never seems to end.

Winding through forested mountains too far in to try and re-begin.

So you drive like a wild man. You drive without care. Because that car that you hoped would come by, showing you signs of life, won’t show up there. It doesn’t care you’re here.

Take the turns hard, take them fast, take them to feel alive, take them to forget the reasons why you drive reckless.

Drive out any emotions you can’t cope with. Swerve out that feeling of hopeless.

These two lane roads with the long yellow lines don’t end. Either an asshole with his brights come trundling by or the car you hope will see you never comes. This road is what makes you slowly come undone.

There are no roads on the sea.

She rocks you fast to sleep.

Churns the depths of your soul.

So you can forget that awful, abandoned, two-lane road.

Get to the sea and go.


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