The rabbit hole.

I tumbled down the rabbit hole.
I knowingly fell in.
My world was tossed; my eyes crossed. I know I can’t get out again.
A blue pill.
A white pill.
Take the one I’m given. Can’t take them both– either one will change the life I’m living.
Both inside my pocket, cool against my thigh.
I put it off, push back the thoughts, and silently hope I lose one on the sidewalk.
But the watch is ticking quietly– not so subtly. Taunting me.
Gold and shiny, swaying untimely, aways remembering to remind me.
There’s no way out of a rabbit hole, I’m told. Look up and there is only sky.
Take the one  that makes you feel more alive…blue and white, exact same in size…they don’t tell you which pill to take…which one will last, which one is right.
I just have these two.
One blue.
And one white.


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