Supressing homicidal feelings.

No one wants to be a back burner or a second choice. So the posed question is: why do men with girlfriends and/or wives think that a single girl will swoon over them?

I can appreciate an attractive man, taken or not. Doesn’t mean I’m going to dry hump the man.

I have recently received a, “I’ve been thinking about you/I can’t stop thinking about you” message from a long gone flame. And by “flame”, I mean, that-one-time-I-thought-I-Might-Like-You-Boy-Was-I-Wrong kind of guy. He contacted me to ask me for my address to send me his wedding invitation and then proceeded to talk about “hooking up, bla bla bla I’m a sack of shit.” I might have embellished that quote. Being told that someone is thinking about me while with a girlfriend is not one of the fantasies that does it for me.

Jeepers. Nothing gets me more weak-kneed than a man who has a fiance he doesn’t really like, who treats me like trash, but tells me I’m hot.

Just kidding. A lot of things get me more weak-kneed. Like sledge hammers to my knees.

I am so beyond sick and homicidal over these kind of men boys. They are everywhere. They are the ones who exclaim, “I can’t believe you’re single!” like I have a disease called Fucking Moron. I am single because I keep meeting people like you. Boys who don’t really want a relationship but for some baffling reason, have them.

Walk into on-coming traffic. Give your fiance STDs. I don’t really care. Just don’t act offended when say things like, “Fuck off.”


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