The Pledge

I wouldn’t label myself an extreme patriot. I am proud of where I am from, in general, and would brag to an outsider. I know The Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish and English. I grew up saying it every morning, like a robot without fully knowing what it meant until middle school. But I knew it was important and my teachers always made us stand up and recite it.

In the school I am teaching in, this particular classroom, there seems to be no importance for it. Two grown women, the teachers of the room, never stand when it comes on the announcement, let alone place a hand over their heart or glance at the flag in our room. Most of the kids stand without prompting, I usually have to prod one or two to stand. For someone like myself, who never thought about The Pledge when saying it, seeing these grown-ass women ignore it while the six year olds recite it infuriates me.

For 9/11 I did some research. Enough so that when it was mentioned on the announcements at school and the kids had questions or comments, I could be prepared. It was never mentioned during our usual Moment of Silence over the announcements. Not once.

I stand up and recite The Pledge with my kids every morning. I’m sure they don’t know why they do it yet, but if it doesn’t seem important to the adults in the room, why should they? Why should we expect to have citizens who care about their communities and country if their role models don’t?

Hear what The Pledge should mean to us here.


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