The 20-Something Advice Givers. Insert dry heave.

It’s my fault, really. I shouldn’t even open these asinine blogs and “how-tos” that appear on my Facebook feed. So many of my seemingly normal friends are “liking” and posting them, that the must be interesting, right? Wrong. I just don’t understand how so many people can write actual paragraphs about how to live and be happy as a “20-something”.

I don’t like being grouped into a stereotype. But hey, that’s what stereotypes are. I hate being referred to as a “20-something”, it sounds stupid. Really stupid. Like it’s a decade of The Epidemic.

These 8-12 step articles on How To Be Happy, Perfect, Hot, 20 Without STDs, A Functioning 20-something do not help people. They, in fact, make them feel like they should be living a specific life by a specific age. Sure, I think traveling is important and something I want to do but articles saying if “we” don’t, then we are not living life and are sheltered baby-makers. Some people my age WANT to be baby making machines, however odd I find this, more fucking power to them for doing what they want.

Steps?! I am a literate adult, I do not need you to post articles in a step by step format like it is an actual IKEA project. I can surprisingly follow your string of words sentence by sentence without needing a number to keep my place. These articles or blogs are actually perpetuating the idea that the The Epidemic Decade is really nothing but Nicholas Spark reading morons.

Yes, I have stopped opening these articles. Seeing people actually following the pretend advice of living a happy life at the super-duper hard ages of our twenties is irritating.

Get a plant. Or a cat. These bloggers do not own your life. Live the life you want. Who gives a fuck how old you are? Literally no one.


One thought on “The 20-Something Advice Givers. Insert dry heave.

  1. I’m in my 40s rather than 20s, but I think much the same thing applies. We are individuals not age groups, and any ‘advice’ that fails to take this into account, that tells you what you ‘should’ be doing or wanting, needs to be taken with a whole heap of salt.


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