Overcast skies and rainy air.

Clam gray climbs and soft twitters fill any empty that was once there.

Her world has come back to life. Her mind can freely, safely, wander.

All the lost pieces blown asunder.

Wide-eyed flutters mirror all the green hues of dirty earth. Calm breeze envelopes her.

She can shed her Winter skin– the one that keeps her lonely, hope waning thin. There is hope in her tattered soul. Rugged, soft and whole.

She has forgiven herself for her past with the change of the sun light. With the green that is blotting the trees. With a newness that only longer days can bring.

Peace with her past, with the choices she cannot undo.

Braided deeply in her heartstrings are the wrongs and rights that she has, and will, pursue.


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