Kids and coffee.

Me: Good morning, Kane! You seem like you’re having a great start to the day!

Kane: Yep. I like seeing you every day. And I know you are happy ’cause you always are!

Me: Ha how’s that?

Kane: ‘Cause you always smiling, Miss V.

This kid. They say crap like this and I am so elated that they perceive me this way. Let me tell ya, being at school before the sunrises sucks. Throw in a room of 18 six year olds and no time to finish my coffee before 7:30 am, makes for a cranky Miss V.
Then these little crazed wild things come bouncing into the classroom and give me multiple hugs and play with my hair  (which is soft like a cat, apparently) and  wake me right up.
These moments remind me of my teachers. I can remember every single one and the small things that made me love them. I was the kid who wanted my teacher to touch my shoulder when she walked by, who I drew  pictures for, who high fived me… Even though I don’t want to be a classroom teacher, this is the person I want to be for kids.

I suppose the whole point of this post is just my realization that things have come full circle. How just being kind to me made me want to hug my teacher. How being kind to my kids and smiling at the crack of dawn so they start their days off happy, are exactly the things my teachers did.

Yea, I’m a sap.


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