Parkway nights and inky skies.

Pretty words under a willowy moon.

Yellow eyes stare back at you. I can’t ignore Your haunting sound.

Inky black, shadowy clouds. I am lost and can’t be found.

This is the sky where the wishes go.

This is the place that unraveled my soul. This is where I lost my way. This is the place where I would have begged them each to stay.

Starry skies dripping hope, haunting cries, distant whispers from shady climbs.

Nothing left between the Moon and me.

Nothing left that He can’t see.

I can’t hid from His prying eyes. The Moon is the keeper of all my earthly lies. Golden haze to keep me me safe.

Silent tugs on my soul. Secrets kept. Words untold.

I don’t need to say it aloud out here. I let Him steal my thoughts from the wind tangling my hair.

The Moon creeps out. I’ve come undone.

Keep me sane from everything I’m running from.


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