Mary Poppins.

She definitely had it right.

Public schools are the governments devil baby and she is my inspiration. I’m currently working on lesson plans for my fifth grade class (I’m only a student teacher right now) and would love to set these plans on fire. With a blow torch. This whole “no child left behind” bullshit has left us with kids who graduate with the literacy of second graders and teachers worried about losing their jobs at every turn so they give piles of SOL approved work sheets. I have never seen so many work sheets.

Every week or so, the kids have a “snap shot” test. It is to see if they have been learning what they are supposed to each week. In addition, they have “benchmarks”. Which are tests that do the same thing, but over a longer period of learning time. These tests are really just to make sure the teachers are teaching what the city/state curriculum tells them they should be teaching. Puke.

Writing these plans to include every possible SOL number and description in addition to accommodate children who have IEPs (just special accommodations they get for learning problems) makes me hate the system and want to be Mary Poppins. A magical au pair.

So my life plan is based on Mary Poppins. To move to yachting country and find a family who needs one to teach their rich kids. Without being told how. Without having government standards waived in my face. And with a plethora of sites to engage them in.

Probably a castle-in-the-sky dream, but hell, these schools are failing our kids so miserably, I can’t be a part of it. What is so wrong with wanting to teach kids things they are interested in? To take their imaginations and turn it into a tool. Taking kids into other worlds through the chalk pictures is not impossible. However, public schools are forced to leave the sidewalk solid and impassable.

In the mean time, before I can be Mary Poppins, I am doing my best to inspire these inter-city kids to be outta this world kids.

Cheesy? You betcha.


3 thoughts on “Mary Poppins.

    1. I accidentally deleted your comment haha. Buuuut I’m not actively trying this as my plan, at this moment. I’m now applying for flight attendant jobs 🙂


      1. Oh duh. You did tell me that once. Ha, sorry, I forgot.
        Considering how bad the education system is here as well, I don’t blame you! How’s the search going? Anything promising?


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