Girls at Heart

So I was talking with my ex last night. He is still a very close friend. Weird, right? He said the most simple and wonderful thing that led  me to an epiphany for my dating life. Well, lack there of.

“All women are just girls at heart.”


Sounds dumb. Almost insulting. Then he goes on to tell the story of how while he was power washing the pavement, he washed the letters B+L into the dirty pavement. He knew his friend’s wife would think it was so silly but secretly love it. He was telling his married friend women love that shit. That they love flowers and silliness and small things that make their heart light. Those were not his explicit words, he sounded much less mushy.

However, I realize I’m happiest with a significant other when the little things make me feel free and girlish. Like pressure washing initials and a heart into dirt.

Which leads me to believe that most of us, men included, prefer to be without all the drama, mess, and make-up; to be at our purest hearts with someone. Sans pants, preferably.



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